Palm Honey

Palm Honey – Stick The Knife In (single)

Released 11th November


Photo credit: Stephen Smith

“This Reading band have delved into the depths of hazy guitars and fuzz pedal perfection, blanketing their gig-goers in psychedelic euphoria” – The Independent

‘Stick the Knife In’ is the sign of a band that don’t take labels well – Palm Honey are adventurous as ever, their only mission statement being the desire to push the boundaries of pop music beyond the norm. To call them psychedelic would be diminutive, to call them a guitar band, disingenuous. Palm Honey aren’t here to slot neatly into anyone’s musical catalogue. They are only here to be themselves.

This new single marks a significant departure from Palm Honey ’s previous material. A furious motoric beat and eighth-note bass-line propels wails of feedback and quivering synthesiser to stratospheric heights – there is little summertime bliss here, and more paranoid darkness as a violently out of control guitar solo and echoing, discordant piano bring the track to a close.

“’Stick the Knife In’ is about a lack of self-awareness, not knowing your own boundaries and limitations and, as a consequence, essentially sabotaging yourself. Which speaks quite well about us as a unit, really,” according to Palm Honey. Their self-deprecating humour and modesty provides a relief from the rock and roll faux-bravado that so many bands like to toy with – they pride themselves on authenticity and honesty and it’s working pretty well so far.

Palm Honey’s ‘Stick The Knife In’ is released on 11th November and will be available on Spotify and iTunes.

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Live Dates

17 Nov – The Eagle Inn, Salford

18 Nov – The Cellar Bar, Stafford

19 Nov – The Victoria, Dalston, London

02 Dec – Bleach, Brighton

03 Dec – The Joiners, Southampton

09 Dec – The Full Moon, Cardiff

10 Dec – The Lanes, Bristol

29 Dec – Purple Turtle, Reading

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