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London genre-experimenting outfit Flying Ibex release ‘No Matter’, out now via Best Laid Plans Records.


“With a sound steeped in years of freeform experimentation, the colorful quartet create a day-glow slice of psych pop” Indie Shuffle

“Good vibes all abound” All Things Go

Flying Ibex release their new single ‘No Matter’, and the groove is strong in this one.

From their beginnings as the house band for a commune of artists in south London,

improvising to silent films and theatre pieces, Best Laid Plans’ newest signing Flying Ibex have progressed through a sea of influences including African cassette tapes, tropical rhythms and experimentation with all manner of old analogue gear.

The band emerged at the end of 2012 with their debut album Travel in Dangerous Places. Largely the solo work of vocalist Barnaby Keen, the album laid out the songwriting and arrangement blueprint for what was to come – polyrhythmic grooves, deceptively simple harmonies and wandering melodies. Flying Ibex subsequently grew beyond the solo talents of Barnaby Keen and now incorporates the skills of guitarist/ vocalist Nathaniel Keen, drummer Dave De Rose, and Chilean bassman Colin Somervell.

The band have an almost psychic rhythmic connection that comes from years of improvisation and exploration together on stages and in studios across the country. ‘No Matter’, the bands’ latest track came about late one night when Barnaby headed to the studio after a night out.

“I wrote the song using this old hammond organ with a built -in drum machine. I finished it in about 15 mins and then left it to one side. Later, we returned to it to re-recorded some parts and as we were listening to some Cumbia at the time, this probably filtered into our heads and we added this kind of wonky drum pattern.”


“I recorded the final vocals on my own, late at night in the studio, and outside somewhere there were some people having a party. I didn’t realise until I listened back there were people shouting and cheering in the background, you can still hear them in the track if you listen carefully.”

‘No Matter’, produced by Flying Ibex and mixed and mastered by Mark Crew, is out now on Best Laid Plans Records.

Barnaby Keen is playing a solo gig at The Green Note, Camden on 8th March 2017

He will also be performing the Barnaby Keen/Benjamim album, ‘1986’in Lisbon, 2nd May 2017

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