Blu Fiefer

Blu Jukebox image

Blu Fiefer readies her debut single Jukebox

Half Mexican half Lebanese Indie / hip hop artist Blu Fiefer has revealed her debut single “Jukebox” today. Self produced by Blu in collaboration with Liliane Chlela and mixed by double Grammy award winner Alex Venguer Jukebox is an uncompromising introduction to an artist driven by creating art on her own terms.

Drawing in from elements of hip hop, trap and alternative pop, Blu makes her presence felt over sparse pulsating beats and swirling, tortured vocal samples; “It’s official I’m upset”, she cautions.   “Jukebox” is the first offering of a vastly self-assured sound honed over a series of intimate shows between Mexico, LA, London and Beirut.

Blu is in charge and this empowerment is total throughout her output as she writes and produces all facets of her art, sound and visual. She is currently in the studio finalising her debut EP ‘The Prelude’, while promoting an online mixtape ‘The Road To Prelude’. Jukebox marks her debut single, a song that sparks an intriguing conversation inspired by her journey.

“Jukebox embodies a decision I made to build up my own lane, and separate myself from a path constantly being offered to me, as well as a calling to the audience. I believe my vision for Jukebox will be fully delivered once the visual is out.” – Blu

Blu will be heading to the UK & the United States during summer 2016, to explore new ground and play shows with debut EP, The Prelude to follow.