Freelove Fenner – Lash & Brow

Freelove Fenner’s avatar

We’re quite liking the poppy sounds of ‘Lash & Brow’, the new single from Montreal trio Freelove Fenner.

Bizarrely, its opening moments sound a lot like a TV or film soundtrack, however its groovy tones soon won us over and once the luscious vocals of front woman Caitlin Loney kicked in the rest was history.

The track features some very simple yet effective guitar work and its succinctness leaves you with a distinct sense of intrigue once the tidy number comes to a close.

It’s effectively a snippet of what the band is capable of and with new album ‘Do Not Affect A Breezy Manner’ out in November, we’re certainly looking forward to hearing what’s next.

– Matty Aston