Halsey – Ghost

Want to hear the number one electro-pop release of 2014 so far? Look no further than American songstress Halsey and her debut single ‘Ghost’.

Yep, it really is something special. Under her new guise, 19-year-old Ashley Frangipane has simply wowed the blogosphere to the point that it’s almost become impossible to ignore her supreme talent. Scientists of Sound, Indie Shuffle and The Record Stache have already waxed lyrical over her debut number and we’re just one of many more to follow in their footsteps since.

It’s the mesmerising production; dreamy vocals and catchy pop vibe that really make this track such an instant hit; however her potential to appeal to such a huge audience is perhaps the most exciting discovery of all.

Trust us, you’ll have it on repeat before you know it.

– Matty Aston