Post Louis

post louis

We saw these guys supporting Jacco Gardener at the very beginning of this year at The Lexington and, at the time, didn’t know who they were… What we did know was that we really liked them.

We later found out that we were watching Post Louis, former Cajun Dance Party’s Robbie Stern, vocalist Stephanie Davin and their band. We witnessed a low key performance (if memory serves me right it was one of their first shows) but the sounds coming from the band oozed sophistication, with Davin’s alluring vocals floating just on top of Stern’s 90s alt rock Pavement-esque guitar. 

Their take on classic indie rock is particularly poignant in moments where the vocals, at their sweetest and brooding in understated melodrama, stand up alongside and almost caress Sterns distorted guitars now chorus bound and fueled with vigor. Genius juxtaposition.

Truth be told, we are pretty late with this one, but as debut EP ‘This Could Be a Bridge’  is now (via Inflated/Stare Records) under their belts, we are mighty excited as to where they’ll go from here.

For now though, soak your ears in these wonderful tracks.