Seemingly out of nowhere, I’ve found myself listing to two tracks over and over again in the past few weeks, that’s gone into overdrive in the last 24 hours. I can’t quite dissect quite why the phlegmatic dynamic of ‘Think’ and latest track to emerge, ‘Tropea’, has made such an impact on me, but I’m absolutely hooked. It appears I’m not the only one, and it’s now Tropea’s turn to immerse the blogosphere.

Kaleida are vocalist Christina Wood and keyboardist/producer Cicely Goulder, making rather unusually reserved electronic synth pop. The music remains coy even throughout the choruses, and yet it still demands attention, lots of it! It’s this sparse production which allows Christina’s vocals to completely infiltrate your senses.

Both tracks will be on the acts debut EP, due out early next year. With songwriting like this, they’ll be ones to keep an eye on.

Catch them live next week, the 13th, at The Nest in Dalston.