April Towers

April Towers

We’ve finally got our act together and decided to start a column about bands we love. We work with so many amazing bands and artists, but we also admire so many from a distance. That doesn’t stop us wanting to tell people about them though.

It’s fitting then, that for our first post, we feature our old friends Charlie and Alex and their new electronic project April Towers. Having just released their debut EP, ‘Peaks’, first tune ‘Tel Aviv’  impressed the people at Crack in the Road, and their follow up, ‘Marisol’, only added to reinforce the promise behind this new sound.

This duo have always had a knack for distinctive melodies, it’s the directness of their delivery which has always made them stand out for me. Both tracks capture Pet Shop Boys late 80s pop with a sinister undertone drawing in early post punk and new wave along the lines of New Order. It’s bold, striking and the chorus bursts through with an uplifting synth unashamed and captivating in its simplicity, whilst the percussive backbone stabbing through Alex’s somewhat perturbed and stern vocals work at not making you too comfortable.

Take a listen to Tel Aviv below and their remix of ‘Chasing Dreams’ by Owyl.

So here it is, we’ve kicked off. Please do give our blog a look in as a resource for discovering new bands. We aim to update daily, and based on the ever increasing popularity of the blogs we live on, I’m sure many of you will find new music here you’ll enjoy. We can’t promise this will be everyday, but we’ll certainly try our best.